Extravirgin olive oil

Extravirgin olive oil
Blandano wine estate takes a lot of care in growing their 10 hectares of olive trees.
The olives, of the variety Biancolilla and Cerasuola, are hand-picked and cold pressed within the same day, after a short period in which they have been stored in well-aired crates.
In order to preserve the exceptional characteristics of flavour and aroma, the oil is not filtered but placed in stainless steel containers where it will be stored for a few months for the natural decanting process to take place and up until it is packaged.
Blandano’s extravirgin olive oil is characterised by a green colour with yellow nuances, rich intense aroma, fruity flavour and low acidity, all of which make it a high quality extravirgin olive oil.

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Extravirgin olive oil 5 l.

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